How Can We Support Your Organization?


We share compassion based mindfulness tools such as yoga and meditation with the justice community. We lead, organize, and support teachers that offer wellness services in confinement facilities, community centers, and justice organizations. We want to make sure that people who are involved with or who are serving in the criminal justice system have access to important life tools.


We envision offering compassion based mindfulness tools to all people involved with and impacted by the justice system.

How can we support?

  • Are you a public defender’s office looking for trainings or workshops on vicarious trauma and burnout?

  • Are you a confinement facility looking for meditation and yoga classes for the facility?

  • Are you an educational or service organization looking for weekly meditation or yoga programs?

We can support you. Please take the next step and contact us a connect@karunacmn.com to learn more about available programs. 

We are a Minnesota Nonprofit. Federal Tax Exempt 501(c)(3).