Why does Karuna Community exist?

            We want to help people find meaning. After a career transition and personal reflection, Mike wanted to bring mindfulness based wellness to others. So we launched. We prefer the idea of sharing meaning and purpose with others instead of happiness. A “happy” life is one built on human connection and purpose.

How can we help?

            We offer programs and events based in yoga and mindfulness. We discuss nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness for self-care. We offer suggestions such as yoga with your community, teaching meditation practices, service projects, or fostering discussions. We work with a broad range of organizations and can create a plan for your organization or group. We like to get creative too. Options range from office programs to sauna retreats up north. 

Do you all provide therapy?

            No. We provide proactive self-care solutions based on community participation. We believe healthy human interaction with self-care principles enable you to get out and help others in your life. We address mental health issues, but we encourage anyone in need of mental health treatment to get help. We can connect you with resources for mental health professionals. 

Where are we located?

            We like to collaborate with local business owners, community centers, or even meet outside during the few days of Minnesota summer. We have conference room space downtown. We are also glad to travel to your space. We like working with local yoga studios if you want us to introduce a mindful yoga practice to your community. The office setting works well for meditation and group discussions.

We want to work together – what next?

            Do we have an hour? A weekend? We create events that fit your needs. I would suggest an introduction to yoga class with mindfulness and self-care discussions if we have 90 minutes. If we have three hours, we could mix in a meal to help build the community bonding aspect while working on self-care. We would be glad to host a retreat if we can get into nature too.

Are you pitching me some product, pill, or pyramid scheme?

            We foster community. We want to help all people out there trying to make a difference learn the tools for self-care and sustainability. We talk about human connection, self-care, and purpose. Mike teaches yoga and meditation in the veterans and legal community. This organization’s mission is to spread mindfulness in our community. We may endorse other communities or businesses, but our goal is to simply help people. No gimmicks here.

Everyone seems to be selling mindfulness these days – what is this mumbo jumbo?

            We were once skeptics too and we don’t vouch for every product or book on the market. We know what helps us live active and fulfilled lives.  We emphasize that our efforts are based in community and self-care. We always love talking the science behind nutrition, meditation, exercise, and yoga too. Check out our articles and resources page to learn more about the body and the brain.

How much does this cost? 

            We offer sliding scale rates based on the organizations we serve. We offer free and donation-based events throughout the year to engage our community.  Our goal is to help people. All proceeds go into operating costs and our volunteer work. We never want costs to prevent you or your group from reaching out. Let us see what we can make happen.

Is this a community, a business, a non-profit, or what?

            We are organized and filed as a nonprofit corporation in Minnesota. We are a federal public charity 501(c)(3). Donors may deduct contributions made under IRC Section 170.

Did you make it to the bottom of the FAQ?

            Give us a call - Let’s chat.