Community Yoga

We are excited to partner with Sacred Space in NE Minneapolis and offer Community Yoga.

Every first Thursday of the month at 7:30 am. Come on out!

Mike will guide a practice connecting mind, body, and community. Each class will consist of 5 powerful life tools - breath, meditation, mindful movement, guided rest, and gratitude.

Mike will take a moment to raise awareness in support of a different local community/organization at the beginning of each class. Students are welcome to donate directly to that organization via their website after class. 

No money will be expected or handled at class.  Just bring yourself and a mat! 

Veterans Yoga Project Classes 2-12 November

Come on out!!

All are welcome. Donations accepted at the door or on the link. 

Here is our Twin Cities list: 

11/4 Safari Island Community Center 1 pm 

11/4 Iron Barre Yoga 4 pm 

11/7 The Fire Within Yoga Studio 6:30 pm 

11/8 Spirit of the Lake 6:30 pm 

11/9 Sacred Space Noon 

11/9 Voyager Yoga 5:30 pm 

11/10 Studio One – Roseville Noon 

11/10 Fly Freak Yoga – 3 pm 

11/11 Yoga Garden 8:45 am 

11/11 Yellow Barn Wellness 11:00 am 

11/12 The Calhoun Building 1 pm 

11/12 Live True Yoga Studio 7 pm 

Check out the link and scroll to the bottom for details:…

I want to thank all the wonderful people who help by supporting, hosting, teaching, and/or collaborating.

Inhale. Exhale. Notice.

Breathe in.

Breathe out. 



Bring your awareness to your breath. 

Notice your breath. 

Notice your thoughts.

*My thoughts are all over the place. 

*I don’t want to notice some thoughts. 

Notice thoughts without judgment.

*How do I not notice thoughts? What does that even mean?   

As you notice your thoughts bring your attention back to your breath. 



Impossible. My monkey brain can’t slow down. This is a waste of time. I can’t stop my mind from constantly spinning out of control. Oh wait – I just went 30 seconds thinking about my breath. Interesting. Maybe I’ll try this again. 

Like many, this was my first meditation. It, at times, can feel like a recent meditation. I, however, am grateful for my yoga and meditation practice. 

Only a few years ago, I thought yoga was only exercise and meditation was impossible. I casually practiced both with no real commitment. I returned to both yoga and meditation after learning that it could help with some previous traumatic experiences. (Yoga is meditation, btw). It helps. 

Yoga/Meditation/Mindfulness, with patience and commitment, work. As many great teachers have said, “You have to feel to heal.” So true. Refreshingly true. I spent so many years numbing myself and withdrawing from basic emotions. A mindfulness practice of simply noticing my breath, paying attention to my movement, and letting my brain take a rest has significantly helped. I now notice certain patterns of thinking and allow myself to be with and process emotions. 

I’m fortunate to have found this practice and even more fortunate that I get to teach and share it with others.