Inhale. Exhale. Notice.

Breathe in.

Breathe out. 



Bring your awareness to your breath. 

Notice your breath. 

Notice your thoughts.

*My thoughts are all over the place. 

*I don’t want to notice some thoughts. 

Notice thoughts without judgment.

*How do I not notice thoughts? What does that even mean?   

As you notice your thoughts bring your attention back to your breath. 



Impossible. My monkey brain can’t slow down. This is a waste of time. I can’t stop my mind from constantly spinning out of control. Oh wait – I just went 30 seconds thinking about my breath. Interesting. Maybe I’ll try this again. 

Like many, this was my first meditation. It, at times, can feel like a recent meditation. I, however, am grateful for my yoga and meditation practice. 

Only a few years ago, I thought yoga was only exercise and meditation was impossible. I casually practiced both with no real commitment. I returned to both yoga and meditation after learning that it could help with some previous traumatic experiences. (Yoga is meditation, btw). It helps. 

Yoga/Meditation/Mindfulness, with patience and commitment, work. As many great teachers have said, “You have to feel to heal.” So true. Refreshingly true. I spent so many years numbing myself and withdrawing from basic emotions. A mindfulness practice of simply noticing my breath, paying attention to my movement, and letting my brain take a rest has significantly helped. I now notice certain patterns of thinking and allow myself to be with and process emotions. 

I’m fortunate to have found this practice and even more fortunate that I get to teach and share it with others.