What is mindfulness?

I keep seeing mindfulness everywhere. All these people are holding themselves out as coaches, trainers, teachers, etc. I'm a skeptic. I assume this is all bunch of mumbo jumbo ... right?  Let us take a closer look. 


Mindfulness is key to our wellness as an individual and community. The best definition that I found is from Dr. Ryan Niemiec:  

"Mindfulness is the self-regulation of attention with an attitude of curiosity, openness, and acceptance." 

This doesn't mean we simply chill out and let life pass by. Quite the contrary. Mindfulness is a powerful tool to enable compassionate action and engagement.  Mindfulness causes one to be awake in his or her own life.

We us mindfulness tools to control our mind's reactive nature. It helps our mind and bodies process our life and work. It helps us not get as spun up and allows us to see life as it is versus how we expect it to be. How much suffering do our minds create? 

It is certainly not about puppies and rainbows! This is not some sort of spa type bliss. We are not avoiding or escaping the unpleasant. Mindfulness tools help us be with those challenging times and thoughts. Mindfulness tools help shape our perspective and change our lives. 

Breathing, yoga, meditation, etc - These are all tools to train our brains so that we can go out and do what you need to do in the world. It helps sustain the compassionate action (Karuna). It helps us arrive and be present for our loved ones. 

Mindfulness weaves with the service, authentic connection, and self-care components of our life. They are all interrelated, as is everything in life.   

The following article gives you a deeper dive... enjoy.