We serve our community.  

We offer yoga classes, self and community care workshops, compassion based mindfulness programs, service projects, and community events. Through one-on-one sessions, group classes, events, or retreats - we connect with you and your group to combine mindfulness with community.

You already have the tools. We just guide and facilitate.  

We strongly believe that the key to joy and purpose is developing authentic connections, maintaining self-care, and serving others. Everything we do is aimed at developing these tools to help you rediscover and sustain your purpose. 

Our Mission

We want to make you and our community healthier. We share the tools for self and community development based in mindfulness. We love our community. We want to cultivate the collaboration mindset so we can all be happy, healthy, and live a meaningful life.

Let us, with compassion, vow to bring to realization humankind’s deep desire for freedom and construct a world in which everyone can truly and fully live.
— Michael Stone