It all started when…

We realized that mindfulness based wellness was needed in our communities. Large corporations have these programs but who is serving our community? Who is helping those that serve our community? Who is helping people that are currently incarcerated? Who is helping people living on a limited budget?

Our Chief Collaborator, Mike Millios, (Technically - Mike serves as the Executive Director but prefers the role of Chief Collaborator) wants to fill that void. Everyone, without exception, should benefit from mindfulness practices. Basic breathing practices like yoga and meditation made a remarkable difference in Mike’s life.

A note from Mike ….

I needed help. I served on active duty in the Army and currently serve as a criminal defense lawyer. I worked relentlessly to help my clients but failed to take care of myself. I endured trauma, burnout, and compassion fatigue all in an effort to help others. My lifestyle wasn’t sustainable nor enjoyable. 

I needed to make life changes.  

I struggled with:

Where was the time for self-care when I have so much going on?

How could I find joy with so much suffering in this world?

How can I serve in such an emotionally draining position and maintain healthy relationships with friends and family? 

Through our studies, we deduced that there seems to be three main factors to finding joy and purpose: 

1. Service  

2. Authentic Connections 

3. Self-Care 

Personally, I was lacking #3 and that impacted #1 and #2. We as humans need all three for deeper meaning and growth. 

I learned the importance of self-care. I made it a priority. I made immediate changes in my life. Through yoga, sleep, exercise, and mindfulness, I once again found my life purpose. I found personal joy while still serving my community. Self-care is community care.

I am a certified yoga teacher and study mindfulness and meditation. I teach mindful movement, thinking, and breathing to Veterans. We offer mindfulness based wellness tools can help all of our communities. 

With great team members, we launched Karuna Community Mn to help our community. Our goal is to help all communities in need using the strengths and skills of our team.   

We offer practical programs and events to help others. 

How can we help?